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Motion Sensing Lab

At first glance this lab looks like a blank room until you look at the walls. The walls are covered with motion sensors, lasers, and cameras. Above there is a grid which has four computers, and about nine microphones. We notice the other six computers, the touch screen computer, the wireless mouse and keyboard, and the infrared sensor.

Duke resources available for field trips include:

  • Fit with Standard Course of Study: <to be added>
  • The appropriate age group:grades 6-12
  • The appropriate amount of students:between 10 and 15
  • Pretrip Activities: Any activity which helps students understand spatial relationships, such as: battleship, (particularly 3-D battleship), Marco Polo, and pointing to sounds with eyes closed and one ear covered.
  • Hands-on Activities: Beating the system by trying to evade the sensors. As an added bonus, if the student is wearing a blue shirt then they (the cameras) can track them by color.
  • Post-trip Activities: Visiting their website and geometry of triangulation with compasses
  • Map and Directions: Directions
  • To watch footage Steve made in the lab: Steve's website
  • Student’s Perspective on the Lab: lmpressions
  • Link to Lab Web Pages: Duke Integrated Sensing and Processing


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Video Clip: Beating the system (1:39)
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