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Visualization Lab

This lab is working to produce three-dimentional virtual worlds for humans to interact with. When they are properly equipped in this lab, students can safely jump from great heights and even walk on water.  This lab is the place to experience one of the hottest and most useful new fields - 3D visualization and construction.
They have everything from 3D goggles to a printer which constructs objects layer by layer as drawn by a computer. This is one of the only places where students can climb up three flights of stairs and then jump off the ledge without getting hurt.

Duke resources available for field trips include:

  • Fit with Standard Course of Study: click here
  • Most Appropriate Age Groups: 6th through 12th
  • Number of Students that can be Accommodated: 30 (3 groups of 10)
  • Pretrip Resources: <to be added>
  • Hands-on Activities: Performance Tests (games that involve human movement such as keeping a square inside a moving circle) and in basic 3D world (walk around in forests, gardens, houses, and cathedrals with sound effects triggered in different areas)
  • Post-trip Activities: <to be added>
  • Map and Directions <to be added>
  • Contact Information: Rachael Brady, rbrady@duke.edu, (919)-660-6563
  • Student’s Perspective on the Lab: click here
  • Link to Lab Web Pages: click here

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