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Theodore N. Pappas, M.D. (Recent publications.pdf)
Dr. Pappas's primarily research interest include pancreatic cancer, eating behavior, gut peptides, gut motility, pancreatic physiology; pancreatitis. His clinical expertises include gastrointestinal surgery; esophagus, stomach, small Intestine, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, ampulla of Vater, duodenum, bile duct surgery; advanced laparoscopic surgery;inguinal, ventral, hiatal hernia repair; GERD; peptic ulcer surgery; pancreatitis; pancreatic pseudocysts; cancer of esophagus, stomach, pancreas, bile duct.

Christopher R. Mantyh, M.D.
(Recent publications.pdf)
Dr. Mantyh is board certified in general and colorectal surgery and has clinical interests in inflammatory bowel disease, benign anal rectal surgery, colorectal cancer and sphincter-saving procedures for rectal cancer, fecal incontinence surgery, rectal prolapse repair, familial polyposis surgery and laparoscopic colon surgery. His research interests include pathophysiology of intestinal inflammation, vanilloid receptors, neuropeptides and their receptors, colonic motility, and mechanisms of post-operative ileus.

Toku Takahashi, M.D., Ph.D. (Recent publications.pdf)
Dr. Takahashi has devoted his time to the understanding of the brain-gut axis and nerve-gut interaction in gastrointestinal motility in conscious rats and dogs. Specifically, his research interests include effects of nitric oxide on gut motility, effects of hyperglycemia on gastric motility, effects of acupuncture on GI motility, stress-induced GI motility disorders and mechanism of post-operative ileus, etc.

Kirk Ludwig, M.D.
(Recent publications.pdf)