Book Selection

The following is a list of books suggested for the final class debate. Please select one (or more) from the list and be familiar with its content for the final discussion of the semester (March 3). Note that all of these books may be purchased online through Barnes and Noble or Please let me know which book you have selected by January 19. You may also consider the secondary source materials listed at the bottom as lecture material will be drawn from these (and other) sources.

 Gaia's Body, Volk (1998) Springer-Verlag NY.

 The Molecular Biology of Gaia, illiams (1996) Columbia University Press NY.

 The Ages of Gaia, Lovelock (1988) Norton NY.

 Gaia : A New Look at Life on Earth, Lovelock (1987) Oxford NY

 .From Gaia to Selfish Genes : Selected Writings in the Life Sciences Barlow (1992) MIT Cambridge.

 The Selfish Gene. Dawkins (1990) Cambridge

 The Blind Watchmaker : Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design. Dawkins (1996) Cambridge

 Others? (Must Get Approval)


Secondary Source Materials (optional, but not required)

Is the Temperature Rising? Philander (1998) Princeton Press, Princeton NJ

The Oceans and Climate. Bigg (1996) University Press, NY

Our Changing Planet 2nd ed. Mackenzie (1998) Prentice Hall, NY

Climate Processes. Bryant (1997) Cambridge, NY


Oceans and Climate Change