Faculty Members

Catherine C. Bowler (PhD, Duke University) Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity in the United States

Douglas Campbell, (Ph.D., University of Toronto) Associate Professor of New Testament

J. Kameron Carter, (Ph.D., UVA) Associate Professor of Theology and Black Church Studies

Stephen B. Chapman, (Ph.D., Yale) Associate Professor of Old Testament, Associate Director, Graduate Program in Religion

Mark Chaves, (Ph.D., Harvard University) Professor of Sociology, Religion, and Divinity

Ellen Davis, (Ph.D., Yale) Amos Ragan Kearns Distinguished Professor of Bible and Practical Theology

Susan Eastman, (Ph.D., Duke) Assistant Professor of the Practice of Bible and Christian Formation

Mary McClintock Fulkerson, (Ph.D., Vanderbilt) Professor of Theology

Mark Goodacre, (DPhil, University of Oxford) Associate Professor of Religion (New Testament)

Paul Griffiths, (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison), William K. Warren Foundation Professor of Catholic Theology

Amy Laura Hall, (Ph.D., Yale) Associate Professor of Christian Ethics

Mona Hassan, (Ph.D., Princeton) Assistant Professor of Religion (Near Eastern Studies)

Stanley Hauerwas, (Ph.D., Yale) Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics

Richard Hays, (Ph.D., Emory) George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament and Dean of the Divinity School

Reinhard Hütter, (Dr. theol, Dr. theol. habil, Erlangen University) Professor of Christian Theology

Richard Jaffe, (Ph.D., Yale University) Creed C. Black Associate Professor of Religion (Japanese Buddhism), Director of the Graduate Program in Religion

Willie James Jennings, (Ph.D., Duke University) Associate Professor of Theology and Black Church Studies

L. Gregory Jones, (Ph.D., Duke University) Professor of Theology

Hwansoo Kim, (Ph.D., Harvard) Assistant Professor of Religion (Japanese and Korean Buddhism)

Wesley A. Kort, (Ph.D., Chicago) Professor of Religion (religion and culture, religion and literature)

Laura Lieber, (Ph.D., Chicago) Associate Professor of Religion (late ancient Judaism)

Richard A. Lischer, (Ph.D., King's College, University of London) James T. and Alice Mead Cleland Professor of Preaching

Randy Maddox, (Ph.D., Emory) William Kellon Quick Professor of Theology and Methodist Studies

Joel Marcus, , (Ph.D. Columbia University-Union Theological Seminary) Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins

Carol L. Meyers, (Ph.D., Brandeis) Mary Grace Wilson Professor of Religion (Hebrew Bible, archaeology)

Eric M. Meyers, (Ph.D., Harvard) Bernice and Morton Lerner Professor of Judaic Studies (Judaic Studies; Hebrew Bible and archaeology)

David Morgan, (PhD, University of Chicago) Professor of Religion (American religion), Chair of the Department of Religion

Ebrahim Moosa, (Ph.D., University of Cape Town) Professor of Religion (Islamic law, ethics, theology, and critical theory)

Sujin Pak, (Ph.D., Duke University) Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity

Melvin K. H. Peters, (Ph.D., Toronto) Professor of Religion (Hebrew Bible, Septuagint studies, Intertestamental Literature)

Anathea Portier-Young, (Ph.D., Duke) Associate Professor of Old Testament

Leela Prasad, (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) Associate Professor of Religion (Ethics, South Asian religions, folklore)

Kavin Rowe, (Ph.D., Duke) Assistant Professor of NT

J. Warren Smith, , (Ph.D., Yale University) Associate Professor of Historical Theology

William C. Turner, Jr., (Ph.D., Duke) Associate Professor of the Practice of Homiletics

Lucas Van Rompay, (Ph.D., Louvain) Professor of Religion (Eastern Christianity)

Allen Verhey, (Ph.D., Yale) Professor of Theological Ethics

Grant Wacker, (Ph.D., Harvard) Professor of Christian History

Affiliated faculty: David Aers, James B. Duke Professor (English); Sarah Beckwith, Professor (English), Kenneth Surin, Professor (Literature); Malachi Ha Cohen, Professor (History)

This list includes regular members of the graduate faculty on sabbatical leave but does not include faculty members at nearby UNC-Chapel Hill or North Carolina State University. Graduate students may take courses at these institutions, and these faculty members serve on preliminary exam and dissertation committees. Such committees must, however, include at least three faculty members from the Duke Graduate Program in Religion, as listed here.