Recent Dissertations

A list of recent dissertations reflects the breadth of research possibilities within the Graduate Program in Religion.

Dissertations completed in the past two years (most recent in each field listed first) include:


  • Jonathan Huddleston:
    "The Beginning of the End: Eschatology in Genesis" 2011
    Advisor: Stephen Chapman
  • Erin Darby:
    "Interpreting Judean Pillar Figurines: Gender and Empire in Judean Apotropaic Ritual" 2011
    Advisor: Carol Meyers
  • Chad Eggleston:
     "'See and Read These Words':  The Concept of the Written in the Book  of Jeremiah. "  2009.
    Advisor: Ellen Davis
  • David Knauert:
    "The Limits of Wisdom and the Dialectic of Desire." 2009.
    Advisor: James Crenshaw
  • Sean Burt:
    "The Contradiction of Genre in the Nehemiah Memorial."  2009.
    Advisor: Eric Meyers
  • Matthew Schlimm:
    "From Fraticide to Forgiveness:  The Ethics of Anger in Genesis." 2008.
    Advisor:  James Crenshaw
  • Amanda Mbuvi:
    “Belonging in Genesis: Biblical Israel and the Construction of Communal Identity.”   2008.
    Advisor: Ellen Davis


  • Stephen Carlson:
    "The Texts of Galatians and its History" 2012
    Advisor: Richard Hays
  • Nathan eubank:
    "Wages of Righteousness: The Economy of Heaven in the Gospel According to Matthew" 2012
    Advisor: Richard Hays
  • Bradley Trick:
    "Differentiating Jews, Jesus, and Gentiles as Heirs of Abraham in Galatians." 2010.
    Advisor: Richard Hays
  • David Moffitt:
    "A New and Living Way:  Atonement and the Logic of Resurrection in the Epistle to the Hebrews." 2010.
    Advisor: Richard Hays
  • Colin Miller:
    "The Practice of the Body of Christ:  Human Agency in Pauline Theology After MacIntyre." 2010.
    Co-Advisors: Stanley Hauerwas and Douglas Campbell
  • Matthew Thiessen:
    "Genealogy, Circumcision and Conversion in Early Judaism and   Christianity."  2010.
      Advisor:  Joel Marcus
  • Timothy Wardle:
     "Continuity and Discontinuity:  The Temple and Early Christian Identity."   2008.
    Advisor: Joel Marcus


  • Susanna Drake:
    "Sexing the Jew:  Early Christian Constructions of Jewishness."  2008. 
    Advisor:  Elizabeth Clark


  • David Fink:
    "Divided by Faith:  The Protestant Doctrine of Justification and the Confessionalization of Biblical Exegesis." 2010.
    Advisor: David Steinmetz


  • Catherine Bowler:
    "Blessed:  A History of the American Prosperity Gospel." 2010.
    Advisor: Grant Wacker
  • Angela Tarango:
    "Choosing the Jesus Way: The Assemblies of God's Home Missions to American Indians and the Development of a Pentecostal Indian Identity." 2009.
    Advisor: Grant Wacker
  • Elesha Coffman:
    "Constituting the Protestant Mainline:  The Christian Century, 1908-1947. " 2008.
    Advisor: Grant Wacker
  • Adam Zele:
    “John Wesley's America.”  2008.
    Advisor: Richard Heitzenrater


  • Chad Spigel:
    “Quantifying the Liturgical Use of Ancient Synagogues: Occupancy Capacities and Their Implications for the Understanding of Early Judaism.”
    Advisor: Eric Meyers
  • Seth Klayman:
    “Sukkot from the Tanakh to Tannaitic Texts: Exegetical Traditions, Emergent Rituals, and Eschatological Associations.” 2008.
    Advisor: Eric Meyers


  • In-Yong Lee:
    "John Howard Yoder on Christian Nonviolence and the Haustafeln" 2012
    Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas
  • Sheryl Overmyer Grubb:
    "The Wayfarer's Way and Two Texts for the Journey:  The Summa Theologiae and Piers Plowman." 2010.
    Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas
  • Gregory Lee:
    "Figural Reading in the Epistle to the Hebrews:  A Dialogue with Augustine and Calvin." 2010.
    Advisor: Geoffrey Wainwright
  • Brian Bantum:
    Mulatto Theology:  Race, Discipleship, and Interracial Existence." 2009.
    Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas
  • Charlie Collier:
    "A Nonviolent Augustinianism?:  History and Politics in the Theologies of St. Augustine and John Howard Yoder."   2008.
    Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas
  • Jennifer Copeland:
    "Feminine Registers:  The Impact of Women's Voices for Christian Preaching."  2008.
    Advisor: Richard Lischer
  • Daniel Barber:
    “The Production of Immancence: Deleuze, Yoder, and Adorno.” 2008.
    Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas
  • Dana Dillon:
    “As Soul to Body: The Interior Act of the Will in Thomas Aquinas and in Accounts of Moral Action.” 2008.
    Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas


  • SherAli Tareen:
    "Contesting Tradition: Competing Logics of Authenticity in 19th Century North Indian Islam" 2012
    Advisor: Ebrahim Moosa
  • Youshaa Patel:
  • "Muslim Distinction: Imitation and the Anxiety of Jewish, Christian and Other Influences" 2012
    Advisor: Ebrahim Moosa
  • Michael Brett Wilson:
    "The Qu'ran after Babel:  Translating and Printing the Qur'an in Late Ottoman and Modern Turkey."  2009.
    Advisor: Bruce Lawrence


  • Bart Scott:
    "Divine Exposures:  Religion and Imposture in Colonial India." 2009. Advisor:  Bruce Lawrence
  • David Liu:
    "Affective Metaphysics." 2008.
    Advisor:   Kenneth Surin
  • Shannon Hickey:
    “Mind Cure, Meditation, and Medicine: Hidden Histories of Mental Healing in the U.S.”  2008.
    Advisor: Richard Jaffe