Center for Health Policy, Law and Management

Health Inequalities Program

Sanford Institute of Public Policy

The Global Health Forum



Brief Meeting Agenda:

- Global Health Conference next Fall, brainstorming and task delegation

- Officers for next year

- Movie Series for next year with movies about global health, co-sponsoring with Freewater

- Publication ideas. Newsletter or webnews about things that are going on in health in Durham for students to get involved in

- Bringing in authors of books about inequalities in global health with the help of Major Speakers (Duke Union)

- Rock Concert around HIV awareness at Cameron for next Fall. It's going to be huge! With Major attractions.

If you would like to add anything to the meeting agenda, please contact Alex Oliveira at


Directions for the Griffith Board Room:

When you go into the BRYAN CENTER from the walkway, there is a room on the right (before the stairs) that has a card swipe, that's OSAF. Once you are in OSAF, go to the left past the comfy counches then on the furthest right wall, there will be the GRIFFITH BOARD ROOM. See you there!!!


Meetings and Minutes:

Next General Meeting:

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Griffith Board Room -

Inside the OSAF Office

9:00 pm

All are welcome!