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fact or fiction?

Fiction: No one at Duke is in a relationship.

Fact: 51% of Duke undergraduates have been in a committed relationship while at Duke.
Fiction: Hooking up means having sex.
Fact: 75% of hookups at Duke only involved making out.
Fiction: Everyone is drunk when they hook up.
Fact: 50% of hookups occur without drugs or alcohol.
Fiction: No one at Duke wants to be in a relationship.
Fact: 90% of Duke students are looking for love.
Fiction: Everyone at Duke has had sex.
Fact: 33% of Duke students graduate without sexual initiation.
Fiction: Duke has the most intense hookup culture among universities.
Fact: Other colleges such as Stanford University and the Claremont Colleges report more hookups, especially those involving sexual relations.
Data provided by Dr. Suzanne Shanahan from her results of a social relationship study.