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party night

I never was a part of the hookup scene. When I go out, I’m not looking for a hookup. I’m looking to have fun with my friends. We go out to a party, but all the girls we’re with get picked up by guys, not just to hook up, but to just dance with them and to just hang out with them. We’re not there to hook up with anybody, so we just leave. Sometimes, I wish we could jus go out and not have to worry about hooking up. I just want to have fun and dance with a bunch of girls, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

But it seems lately that a lot of people are starting to pair up, so not everything is a one-night stand type thing.

It’s at the party at night that anything can happen. You can do whatever you want. Even if you’re not drunk, anything can still happen. I don’t drink, and I’ve had my fair share of unfortunate, unfortunate hookups. If you have a good group of friends, who won’t leave you no matter the situation, it’s fine. The thing is I like to dance, and I like meeting people.

I don’t go out because I choose not to drink, and I don’t think some of that stuff is as interesting if you’re not drunk. And I have too much school/work. If I had less schoolwork I’d probably go out more.