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what is your social scene?

  1. Your idea of a fun weekend night is:
    1. Sipping a warm coffee and reading Tolstoy at the coffeehouse
    2. Going to a wild “Cowboys and Indians” frat party at midnight
    3. Driving to the local bowling alley with a group of your close friends
    4. Studying in the library with your favorite psych book

  2. Your crush approaches you at a party. What would you like to happen next?
    1. You go outside for a long talk about a topic of interest
    2. You make a move for the hook up
    3. You are nervous and get your friends to coax him toward making a move
    4. You would not choose to attend this party anyway

  3. When deciding to come to Duke, you hoped that your social scene would:
    1. Involve engaging in heated intellectual debates
    2. Involve finding fun parties where you can easily find a hookup partner (i.e., Shooters)
    3. Involve you and your friends hanging out, maybe at a party or a movie
    4. Who needs a social scene when you have organic chemistry to study?

  4. You would engage in the hookup culture:
    1. If you met your potential partner at a club meeting
    2. At Shooters or a wild and crazy frat party which you couldn’t fully remember
    3. If you were bored
    4. If you were finished studying for a test next month

If you answered:

A – 2 pts
B – 4 pts
C – 3 pts
D – 1 pt

0-5 points

You may feel checked out of the social scene and prefer to be alone. Just remember that college is a time to expand yourself. Try joining a club to find other social avenues and people who share your interest if parties don’t cut it.

6-10 points

You may choose to engage in other fun social activities. Do not feel disheartened, because there are otehrs who feel the same and wish to engage in fun alternative activities. Try checking out the local Durham and Duke events calendars.

11-16 points

You are very interested in the party scene and may feel more vulnerable to the hookup culture. Go ahead and have fun! Just remind yourself to be cautious of your alcohol consumption and the possibility of STDs. If you feel pressured to engage, just remember that to be a part of the Duke social culture, you do not need to hook up.