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Tape #2, Side A, Counter #228 to 250, length 1:30

	Mr. Bryant had shared some anecdotes about acquiring the
autographs of a number of prominent, primarily black, people, ranging from
Mary McCloud Bethune, to W.E.B. DuBois, to Duke Ellington. He mentioned
his father's NAACP involvement in his hometown of Rocky Mount,
 North Carolina. He went on to describe the connection between his
father's commentary on activist leaders, his high school teacher's
unorthodox instruction of black history, and his later enthusiasm for
meeting heroes of his youth--all of which served as
 an impetus to collect their autographs. Despite being prohibited from 
teaching about black history, his influential teacher, Anna Easter Brown, 
displayed the photographs of, and books about, many of the prominent 
blacks Mr. Bryant later met. 

  So she would teach American history down to about Christmas...[chuckle]
And then she'd put the book down, and go into teaching us all black
history. Now if, if there appeared to be anyone coming in that, would uh,
have something to say about her teaching black history, she'd just pick up
her American history book and start talking. And this went on. 

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