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Amelia Thorpe

Ms. Thorpe describes her experiences as a teenager under segregation: 

		"When I was 16 my dad asked me not to got to segregated movies
anymore.  He said he thought I was old enough to know why he asked me
that.  He never went and he said please not to go and I didn't...I didn't
go to the segregated movies after I was 16....
		I felt like I was doing something important, but it was a real
challenge.  I still remember when a car load of my buddies came back to
see the Ten Commandments and they all just knew I was going to go with
them.  I stood there and I said no, I to ld you I wasn't going and I'm not
going.  They were all so disappointed .  As a matter of fact, one of them
tried to organize some of the others not to come to my birthday party. 
Now that hurt more than anything...But I just knew my dad was right.  He
had never asked me anything impossible, and he had never made a lot of
demands on me.  So I said yes. 
		But the more I think about it though that's when the fellas
started asking me to the movies and all of that.  I didn't get to go to
the movies at that time.  But I've been to enough movies since then." 

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