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Amelia Thorpe describes her years at North Carolina College and her 
involvement in the growing Civil Rights Movement, 

"We went to these meeting where we were trained as to how to do it
...there wasn't much dissension, it was just a matter of...I got a test I
got to study for , I really believe in this but I gotta study because I
want to get out of this school....that was
 the decision, how much time you were going to devote, because there were
some who devoted 200 percent of their time, they were willing to risk not
finishing school, they really got caught up in it... I knew that person
was needed but deep down I knew tha t I was not like that kind of

Floyd McKissick, he did a lot of the training....he was very determined,
very angry-- but effective anger. The only thing he ever said that I just
didn't agree with, at the time I was still a good church member, and he
said behind the pulpit (our meetings
 were in the church, they are the largest place we had to meet) and he
said God wasn't gonna do anything... and I knew that God is us, its what
acts.  He was just shoving the higher power aside, and saying we had to do
all of this, and only we could...and
 I just didn't agree with that..."

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