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Mrs. Mary Hester Smith

Transcript: My great grandmother was living with my grandmother and she, I
guess had Alzheimer's because she was living in the past.  She always
thought she was living in slavery because she had been a slave.  There
were white people who lived next door to us and Grandma would go over
there because she thought that was her master.  And so, they didn't like
blacks so Grandma would have to keep her locked up in her room most of the
time, unless, she was right with her because, you know, she didn't want
her to go over there, you know, and the lady would get angry.  And, of
course, the lady didn't like us to the extent that if we came out on the
porch, she would go in the house.  So, we, when I was a little girl, I'd
just let her stay in the house most of the time.  Especially, in the
summertime 'cuz, when I'd see her go out, I'd go out in the front and
she'd go in the back, I'd go in the back [laughs].  And, so she stayed in
the house most of the time. 

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