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Mrs. Mary Hester Smith

Background: Mrs. Smith's response to the advent of urban renewal:

 Transcript:: Well, when they first start talking about it, it was going
to be so nice.  They were goin' to rebuild Fayetteville Street and have
places for people to, uh... and they tore down a lot of the old houses
where people had real nice homes.  'Course I remember Mr. Pearson who was
uh, president I mean principal of Hillside High School.  He had a nice
beautiful big brick, stone home.  It was a really nice home on Fayetteville
Street and then the Merrick's had a nice home and the Spaulding's and those
were people who worked at the Mutual and helped to find the Mutual.  And
the Kennedy's had a nice home but see those people all had to move.  And
Mrs. Darnell, she had a nice big pretty home down on the end of Fayetteville
Street just on the, almost the corner of Fayetteville and Pettigrew Street. 
And uh, she had to move and build another house up here on Fayetteville and
she really never got over that, the fact that she had to give up this
beautiful home.  But they didn't do what they said they were going to do. 
They are gradually building now, you know, where the arts center, I mean
the Hayti heritage center is and where the that shopping center is. 

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