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Mrs. Mary Hester Smith

Background: Mrs. Smith's response to the question: "Did blacks distrust
the government after urban renewal?" 

Transcript:: Well, I guess they had a lot of distrust, but I think it
encouraged blacks to run for offices after they found out that they
weren't going to be looked after.  So, you had more blacks to run for city
council and more, uh, to run for school bo ard and also, uh, the county
commissioners.  And, of course, you have Bill Bell, who was the county
commissioner before, so he's running and was re-elected.  And, so, I think
you have more interest in politics after they found out that nobody was
gonna look out for them.  [Laughs].  Because, really, in order to, uh,
work with the system, or beat the system, you gotta join it.  Because, you
can't just sit back and say nothing. 

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