Click here to hear Mr. White talk about the 1960 Boy Scout Jamboree.

Excerpt Transcript

 Mr. White describes taking his Boy Scout troop to the 1960 National
Boy Scout Jamboree in Colorado Springs.  This was one of the troop's first
experiences with a racially integrated group of boys. 

White:  . . . We traveled together in four buses, but we had a black bus,
you know, for all the black boys.  But we really came together on that
trip.  We stopped in a gymnasium.  And some of the white boys didn't want
to stay in that gymnasium with us.  So they told them, "You stay here or
you're getting on the next bus going back to North Carolina." 

Interviewer: What was their reaction? 

White: They stayed. [laughs]  They didn't want to leave that trip. 

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