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Miss. Rhodie: 
How did you feel when you were transferred to a different school?

Mrs. Boyd: Well, I was apprehensive at first, but that principal was
white, and he went out of his way to make it happy for us, the Black
teachers. In fact, he was so overly nice to us, that some of the white
teachers resented it, and retired that year, that same year.  I saw him
not too long ago in the grocery store, and I thanked him for making it so
pleasant for us.  Anything we wanted, almost, we could get, but we weren't
used to that, because everything was limited, when it was Black schools,
you couldn't get but so many books, poor funding I guess you could say. 
We got used books, used desks, everything we got was from what the White
people had already had and gotten rid of.  The opportunity to mingle with
other people, I did not mind at all, in fact, I made some very lasting
friendships.  I had known and interacted with White people before.  As a
child, I played with a little white girl whose father ran a store in my
community, and her daddy would bring her to work and he would let my daddy
bring her around to our house and play with me, so she was just like
another child. The children were nice, we found that our children were
just children.  No different. 

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