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Miss Rhodie:
How did Hayti feel when the idea of urban renewal came up?

Mrs. Boyd: Terrible, terrible, and the thing about it, since urban renewal
we have found out that there were certain people that reaped some of the
benefits of that, and got money out of it.  How, I don't know, but
everybody didn't, and there were some areas that were left out that were
supposed to be rehabilitated and were not, and I got a friend that fought
to get her neighborhood rehabilitated because they promised it to start
with, and she led the fight in her neighborhood and they finally won, and
they were able to relocate and tear down those little shacks they were
living in. One of those people in that area was the famous Ernie Barns,
who is an artist, he was a football player for North Carolina Central
University, and went on to play professional football and now he is an
artist with a lot of fame. The people were real upset at first, real
upset, and I think some of them were even more upset when they found out
that some of the people got money from this change, and these are people
like city councilman.  I have no proof, but this is the only thing I've
heard since urban renewal in the 60s. Some people got more than others
when they bought houses, and it's something I understand that happens in
communities, that they go through and do this urban renewal, and some
people come out on the short end, but I guess that's part of life too. 

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