The Social History of Alcohol

History 196.S03

Spring 1998


  1. Instructions for Position Papers
  2. Grading Guidelines for Position Papers
  3. Instructions for Final Research Papers




Position Papers



As indicated in the course syllabus, you are required to write three position papers during the semester. These papers are meant to give you a chance to focus on three topics which interest you, provide a thoughtful basis for leadership of discussion on those topics, and give you practice in efficiently and effectively summarizing and commenting upon othersí written work.


In a three to four page double-spaced essay (750-1,000 words), provide the following:

* a brief summary of the authorsí arguments, being sure to identify the overarching questions they are addressing.

* an original, critical response to these authors which evaluates the effectiveness of their arguments, relates the topic to other themes in the course, and offers your own insights.

In weeks that have just one topic (e.g., February 24th discussion of the role of women in temperance reform), include all authors for that week in your discussion. In weeks that have more than one topic (e.g. "The Self-Help Tradition" and "The Progressive Tradition" on March 3), pick one topic and discuss all the authors included under that topic.


Advice and Aid:

Please observe the page limits: your goal is concise, focused prose. We are happy to read first drafts of your papers, or to talk through them with you.

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Grading of the position papers will occur along the following lines:


An "A" paper will:


A "B" paper will: 


A "C" paper will: 

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Research Papers

Guidelines to be announced in the near future

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