History 20s.04: Europe and the Cold War, 1939-1991:

D. Silbey, Instructor


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Term Papers:

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  1. David Silbey, Economic Motivations to Enlist in the British Working-Class, 1914-1916

  2. Dan Lutz

  3. Katie Walters

  4. Wade Podlich

  5. Dan Baer

  6. Hill Hardman

  7. Meredith Pavia

  8. Philip Warren

  9. Evan Williams

  10. Mike Zulandt

  11. Mike Albano

  12. Meredith Weinberg

  13. Will White

  14. Ryan Vangrack

  15. Amy Moulton

  16. Ryan Braunstein

  17. Benjamin Braun