During the summer of 2008, seven Duke students traveled to the US/ Mexico border to participate in the civic engagement program—Duke Engage. They worked and volunteered with five different non-profits: No More Deaths, Samaritans, Southside Presbyterian Church, Coalition de Derechos Humanos, and El Rey Dental Clinic. After spending eight weeks witnessing the Diaspora that is the US-Mexico border, the students decided to bring back their work from Arizona and Sonora to Duke University.  They wished to form an organization that would continue to address the issues of undocumented immigration and America’s dependence on this invisible population and so they created Duke Students for a Humane Border. We invite anyone who is interested in human rights or immigration issues to join us in our work.
Professor Charlie Thompson and Jenny Snead Williams are the first advisors to Duke Students for a Humane Border. They were also the coordinator for the Duke Engage delegation entitled: Encuentros de la Frontera. Professor Thompson teaches for the Center for Documentary Studies as well as the department of Cultural Anthropology. Jenny Snead Williams is the Assistant Director to the Program in Latino/a Studies in the Global South