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About Us

What is IAESTE?

IAESTE - the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience - is an international network that coordinates on-the-job training and internships for students in technical and scientific fields. Founded in 1948, the international body of IAESTE is a non-political, independent, non-governmental organization composed of representatives of national IAESTE chapters.

Each year the Annual Conference brings together the representative of these bodies to decide issues of general policy and to carry out the exchange of offers for training. Prior to the conference, each member country collects offers from employers willing to receive students from abroad for a temporary training period relevant to the students area of study, as a supplement to their university or college education. The offering companies or organizations are expected to pay students a wage sufficient to cover their cost of living during the actual work period.

The offers of training are exchanged with other members on a reciprocal basis. Through their affiliated universities or colleges, national secretariats select qualified students to meet employers' requirements as outlined on the training offer. Details of the selected candidates are sent to the companies for approval. Participation in the IAESTE exchange is open to bona fide students attending courses at universities, institutes of technology and similar institutions of high education.

IAESTE Duke - The Local Committee

At Duke, our goal is to serve the national membership by facilitating student exchanges to and from our university. Our local activities include:

  • Acquiring and arranging new jobs in the area for interns abroad.
  • Informing student body, professors, and companies about the benefits of IAESTE.
  • Participating in regional and national IAESTE conferences.
  • Arranging accommodations and social activities for incoming trainees.

In return for the jobs we find here, our members are given the opportunity to go abroad and work in the international community.