Personal Training

Discover a more healthy, energetic, confident you!

Do you need a little one-on-one attention...someone to keep you on track...or  to give you a challenging routine to keep your workouts fresh? Our highly-trained and certified staff of personal trainers are here to help Duke students and employees reach their personal health and fitness potential.

  • Why work with a Duke personal trainer? A personal trainer can provide: Education: Duke Personal Trainers have access to the latest research and publications in exercise physiology and the wellness industry to provide fitness programming that is fun, diverse, and safe.
  • Accountability: Personal trainers provide accountability by setting a structured appointment schedule and documenting your progress in an exercise log and through periodic fitness assessments. o Motivation: Personal trainers provide a positive attitude and set the appropriate tone for the training session by determining the client’s preferred training personality (e.g., drill sergeant, nurturing, educational, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation: Select trainers have experience working with clients with orthopedic injuries, and/or metabolic or cardiovascular conditions. These trainers are up-to-date on the latest research in these areas to provide a safe and effective training environment. Additionally, these trainers can coordinate with your health care practitioner to enhance communication among your “wellness team”
  • Assessment: Many clients are not sure about the status of their health or what their health goals should be. A personal trainer can assess your wellness needs through both verbal counseling and fitness testing procedures and develop a structured fitness program that incorporates goal setting and performance improvement