Scheduling an Appointment

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please complete the initial consultation questionnaire below. Upon receiving your initial consultation, we will determine the best trainer for your needs and arrange for that trainer to contact you to schedule sessions. Please indicate in your e-mail if you prefer a particular trainer and we will try to accommodate your request.

If you have additional questions about Duke Personal Training, contact Mary Ann at (919) 613-7516 or


Health History:

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1. Do you have any cardiovascular disease risk factors (obesity, hypertension, etc.)?

2. Do you ever experience dizziness or pain in your chest during exercise?

3. Do you have any orthopedic conditions (e.g., injuries) that we need to consider when designing your workouts?

4. Do you know of any other health complications that we need to consider when designing your workouts?

Personal Training Preference
1. Are you a student or employee?

2. Briefly describe your exercise history.

3. What are your specific health and fitness goals?
4. Do you prefer a male or female personal trainer?

5. Do you prefer a master, apprentice trainer or Pilates trainer?


If you want a specific trainer, who is it?

6. Do you prefer a certain personality style from your personal trainer?

7. How often do you want to train?

8. What days and times are best for you to train (please include time ranges where possible)?

9. Do you want to train at Wilson Gym, Brodie Gym, or either?

10. How did you hear about Duke Personal Training?