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About the Duke JMSA

The Jewish Medical Student Association engages the shared cultural and religious backgrounds of Jewish medical students to search for a deeper of understanding of what it means to be a Jewish Doctor. To that end, JMSA conducts programs that promote an ethic of service, that facilitate frank discussion of medical ethics, and that explore topics in Judaism relevant to doctoring.

Additionally, JMSA helps strengthen ties within the Duke/UNC Jewish Community by holding social events with other Jewish professional student organizations, by helping to connect medical school students with Jewish faculty members, and by creating networking opportunities.

Finally, as a minority interest group, JMSA serves as a front line educational resource for members of the Duke Health Community who may be unfamiliar with Judaism, and as such all JMSA activities are conducted in an intentionally inclusive manner.


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We will be having a Medical Student Shabbat on Friday, March 6. Click here to see other upcoming events!


Photo Gallery

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View pictures from our recent events. Click Here!