Zandie Brockett
Sociology 2009
Coming from Pasadena, CA, Zandie is a senior at Duke with a major in sociology and a minor in photography. She has been interested in photography since middle school and has done extensive darkroom B&W work as well as digital color work. She has been on the staff of Latent Image for two years and she is now the chief editor of Latent Image. This past summer Zandie received a grant from the Getty Foundation to work at a gallery in Los Angeles where she worked with the film director, Stacey Peralta to create two large-scale digital prints. This coming spring semester Zandie will have an exhibit at Duke to show her work from her independent study and from the past three years at Duke.

Sarah Rabiner
Sociology 2010
Sarah is a junior from Durham who is majoring in Sociology, concentrating on contemporary issues in education. She has been interested in black and white photography since middle school, and believes that darkrooms are truly magical. This past summer she interned at a local non-profit that works with inner-city children, where she photographed for and designed community-outreach materials. This is Sarah's third year on the Latent Image staff and she is now the chief editor of Fix.

Associate Editors (Latent Image)

Psychology 2009
DJ former editor.

Michelle Kim
Trinity 2010
Michelle is a sophomore in Trinity. She's been interested in photography for a long time (her favorite photographers include Annie Leibovitz, Sally Mann, and Michael Kenna) and finally got to take her first black and white class this semester. She loves it!

Sheena Wang
Public Policy 2010
Sheena is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and this is her first year at Latent Image. She has always been interested in black and white photography and took courses in both high school and college. She is most drawn to pictures of people, and thus spends a lot of time harassing her friends and random strangers so that she can take their photograph. Sheena is also extremely interested in graphic design, and has worked for the past three summers as a graphic designer at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is currently a junior.

Maria Huang
Trinity 2011
Currently a sophomore, Maria immensely enjoys traveling and examining the natural curiosities in the environment. Some of the most vivid scenes from her photography scrapbook include Prague's Charles Bridge, Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace, dandelions sprouting in an over-grown construction field in Shanghai, and the artwork of children from various countries. She looks forward to reviewing the Latent Image submissions!

Claudia Kronfeld
Math 2011
Claudia Kronenfeld is a sophomore majoring in math, with a minor in economics. She is from Westchester, New York, and has studied black-and-white photography since her freshman year of high school. She has taken one photography class at Duke, but plans to take more in the future. This is her first year on the staff of Latent Image.

Associate Editors (Fix)

Sylvia Qu
Biology 2009
Sylvia is a senior from Long Island, New York. Her photographic career took off in college after taking several photography classes and shooting for The Chronicle. Sylvia enjoys photo documentaries and has made two of her own so far, one on the intellectual growth of high school science research students and the other on biodiversity and conservation in Paraguay's neotropical rainforest. Nature and wildlife are her favorite subjects. This is Sylvia's fourth year as an associate editor for Fix.

Aileen Liu
English 2009
Aileen Liu is a senior English major. In the Arts in Contemporary Society Focus as a freshman, she took her first photography class with Professor Bill Noland and learned how to look at photos, how to talk about photos, and how to take photos. Sophomore year, Aileen enrolled in Frank Hunter's film photography class and fell in love with 35mm film and the darkroom. She's been a voracious reader and creator of photographs, classic and new, since stumbling across the iconic Henri Cartier-Bresson photograph of the jump over the puddle. Her favorite photographers include Cartier-Bresson (of course), Diane Arbus, Elliott Erwitt, and Richard Avedon.

Halley Hu
Trinity 2010
I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, where it snows from November to April. My majors are philosophy and economics, but I also have interests in physics and law. I became interested in photography when I was in high school. What I love most about photography is its ability to capture the people, objects, and our general surrounding in unique perspectives that not only express the beauty of the subject its themselves, but also a part of the person behind the camera. Aside from photography, I also love singing, dancing, badminton, and squash.

Anne Rhett
Trinity 2009
Trinity senior Anne Rhett rarely goes anywhere important without her Camera - much to the annoyance of most of her friends-turned-subjects. Her love of photography has followed her abroad, most recently through Europe and South Africa, but she maintains that her favorite place in the world to photograph is much closer to home - the Carolina coast where she grew up. She is thrilled to be a part of the Fix team and excited to celebrate the many ways in which the Duke Community captures life in full color.

Molly Belkin
English 2011
Molly is a sophomore from Westchester, New York, and this is her first year working on Fix. She first became interested in photography during her senior year of high school when she started an independent photography project at school. Since then, she has enjoyed taking her own photographs as well as looking at those of her friends and family. She is really excited to see all of the talent within the Duke community and hopes to help put together a great publication!