The deadline to submit photos for the 27th volume of Latent Image is December 12, 2008 for digital files and January 16, 2009 for prints.

For information on the color supplement, please click here.

Latent Image accepts photographs taken by current Duke students, faculty, and staff. Photos by alumni are not accepted.

Latent Image reserves the right to use all submissions in future advertisements for the magazine and on the publication's website, as well as in any future anthologies of work published in Latent Image. All other rights revert to the photographer on publication.

Latent Image is not responsible for any prints damaged or destroyed in the selection and publication process. The editorial staff will not consider work that has been submitted concurrently to another campus publication. Latent Image does not publish photographs that have been published before in any campus publication, including Latent Image.

Each photographer may submit NO MORE THAN 5 photographs.

Latent Image accepts both digital and print submissions, but prefers digital submissions in the event that both formats are available. Digital submissions should be burned to a CD in high-quality JPEG format.

All submissions should be accompanied by the following information about the photographer:

- Full Name
- Title of Work (if applicable)
- Affiliation with Duke (Class Year, School and Major; or Employment Position)
- E-mail
- Telephone Number

This information should alsobe written on the back of every print submission.

Submissions should be turned in, protected and ready for press (i.e., cleaned and with optimal contrast), to the "Latent Image Box" box at the Office of Student Activities (OSAF) in the Bryan Center. Please clearly designate all photos or CDs as submissions to Latent Image.

Print submissions will be returned late in the spring. Digital submissions will not be returned.

If you have any further questions about the submissions process, please click here to e-mail the editor.