Vocies from the Latino Community in North Carolina
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The Voices from the Latino Community in North Carolina Project was made possible by a Technology Innovation Grant from the Duke University Center for Instructional Technology. We would like to acknowledge support from: The Center for Instructional Technology, the Department of Romance Studies, Foreign Language Technology Services, a team of Spanish Language Program instructors, and the Political Science 151A course.

Department of Romance Studies, Spanish Language Program Team

Toni Carpio: Interviewer, Editor, Transcriber, Activity Designer
Joan Clifford, PhD: Grant Coordinator, Co-Manager of Project
Bethzaida Fernandez: Interviewer
Enrique Garcia: Editor, Transcriber
Elena Gonzalez: Editor, Transcriber, Activity Designer
Lisa Merschel, PhD: Editor, Activity Designer
Joan Munne: Editor, Transcriber, Activity Designer
Liliana Paredes, PhD: Interviewer, Transcriber, Activity Designer
Pedro Salinas: Interviewer
Melissa Simmermeyer: Editor, Transcriber, Activity Designer, TA POLI SCI 151A
Graciela Vidal: Co-Manager of Project

POLI SCI undergraduate students: Interviewers and Transcribers

Dominique Bailey
Brenda Bautsch
Jenny Bonilla
Justin Browder
Kim Brudette
Billy Cano
Chris Carlberg
Liz Clarke
Lenny Fishman
Kim Gordon
Claire Grandadam
Catherine Gutermuth
Ali Herman
Sara Hernandez
Heidi Holenbeck
Scott Lemon
Ana Martinez
Jason Matthews
Jared McCauley
Jessica Mowry
Christen Needham
Laura Neely
Susan Patrick
Diana Perez
Erin Phillips
Lara Pomerantz
Evan Shoop
Toshio Sidney-Ando
Mark Thompson
Van Williamson
Sarah Wingate

Technology Support

Samantha Earp: Foreign Language Technology Services, CIT Liaison
Cynthia Varkey: Web designer
Liheng Guo: Web designer

Additional Thanks to:

Scott Morgenstern, PhD: Professor of POLISCI 151A
Charlie Thompson, PhD: Duke University Center for Documentary Studies
Lorna Hicks And Peg Lewis: Duke University IRB
Jocelyn Olcott, PhD: Assistant Professor in History
Buenaventura Yupanqui: Hispanic Outreach Office, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Que Pasa


IRB Information

All participants in the interviews signed consent forms that state that they agree to the use of the interview in this project. Some of the names may be not be real since some individuals opted to remain anonymous.