Vocies from the Latino Community in North Carolina
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These are some ideas from K-12 teachers on how to integrate this site into their classes:

  • This site could help introduce students to international perspectives and to develop cultural understanding. It could also be useful to create awareness of the types of work that are available according to language proficiency and overall educational level.
  • These interviews could be used to have student s compare their own experiences to those of the interviewees.
  • At an elementary level, students could describe a day in the life of one of the interviewees.
  • The videos could be used to have students compare accents and culture
  • Students could be asked to compare immigration during the 1950's and 2006
  • This site could help dispel stereotypes about Spanish-speaking immigrants, by asking students to explain what kinds of professions they would expect Hispanic immigrants to have.
  • It could also help to improve listening skills and pronunciation.
  • If students are asked to make a similar project, they could become involved with their community.

Thanks to:

Wendy Coodington (Ayden Griffon High School)
Evelyn Frye (East Forsyth High School)
Beverly Griffin (Efland-Cheeks Elementary School)
Hilda de Leon Connell (Ayden Griffon High School)
Walter Moore (Greensboro Montessori)
Jason Wright (Ayden Griffon High School)

and other teachers at:

Ayden Griffon High School
Durham School of Arts
East Forsyth High School
East Rowan High
Efland-Cheeks Elementary School
Greensboro Montessori
Ligon Middle School
Wakefield High School