Vocies from the Latino Community in North Carolina
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Digital Oral History Archives

Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Oral Archive (The University of Southern Mississippi)
Hispano Music & Culture from the Northern Rio Grande: The Juan B. Rael Collection
Carnegie Mellon: Oral Language Archive Samples: French, Japanese, German, Spanish (must purchase entire archive)
The Southern Oral History Project
Three Mile Island 1979 Emergency
BlackOral History Project
The Library of Congress American Folklife Center Veterans History
Patagonia Mosaic
Ohio State University Oral History Program
Oral History Digital Collection
Talking History
Historical Voices
Voices of WWII
OralHistory Holdings at MIT
MIT-related Oral Histories at Other Institutions
OhioLINK Digital Media Center
Patagonia: Life at the End of the Road

Teaching Resource Sites

TodoEle Website created for and by teachers of Spanish as a foreign language
Learn NC Lesson plans and teaching strategies for K-12 teachers


"Como una reina" Mujer colombiana habla sobre su inmigración a los EEUU.

Online Radio and Podcasts

BBC Mundo
Nuestra Familia Unida Podcast Project
Directorio de podcasts en español
Relatos Audio
Radio Formula - Entrevistas en Audio


wwiTV.com Guide to streaming media available on the web
Lo más TV
TV commercials
Studio Daily Technique


Smithsonian Institution: Corridos sin Fronteras This media-rich flash website, a companion to the Smithsonian Institution's traveling exhibit about corridos music, provides lessons on the history of corridos, audio and video clips of the music, and an interactive timeline of corridos. The "Write" section of the site lets users write and perform their own corrido song.
Frontera: Archive of Mexican-American Music This digital archive of commercially produced Mexican and Mexican-American recordings, with more than 30,000 recordings, is the largest repository of Mexican and Mexican-American vernacular recordings in existence. The project, run out of the UCLA Chicano Studies Center and partially sponsored by the Los Tigres del Norte Fund at UCLA, allows users to search by song name, browse by subject matter and listen to short samples of each song.
BBC News: Mexico's Forbidden Songs
Elijah Wald: Narcocorrido
Chalino Sánchez, El Pelavacas