Leadership Profile

Daniel Harvey


How do you define leadership?

Leadership can be thought of as being in charge of a group or team, but it can also be thought of as a mentality that is meant to influence those around you and help bring out the best in them and you.  I see leadership as a means to impact my community in a way that helps create a welcoming atmosphere where people feel comfortable and are willing and able to do their best in regards to the task at hand.

How do you practice leadership from day to day?

From day to day, I just try to set a good example for those around me.  I lead by example, taking on the tasks I can manage and projecting a positive outlook that I hope those around me can see.  In the Center for LGBT Life, I work to build a community where anyone and everyone feel welcome so that they can become involved and enjoy their experiences.


Do you have a favorite quote about leadership?

"The Pessimist complains about the wind, the Optimist expects it to change, but the Leader adjusts the Sails." - Unknown