Topics For Second Paper

Paper #2 [30%]
Proposed Topics (select one)

1. Explain the reasons why Dada did not survive the reunion of Picabia, Tzara and Breton in Paris during the years 1921-1924.

2. Main aesthetic ideas of Surrealism.

3. Women's contributions to Surrealism and the image of "woman" in the surrealist productions.

4. With actual examples explain what the Surrealists meant by "automatic writing", "exquisite corpse", "collective writing".

5. Aesthetical and political differences among the members of the surrealist group between 1924 and 1927.

6. Surrealism and its relationships with social activism (1924-1930)

7. The concept of "words knocking at the window" and its importance for early surrealism.

8. The politics of the Second Manifesto.

9. What do we really mean when we say that "This is very surrealist"?

10. Surrealism and painting.

11. Surrealist films.

12. The importance of dreams and demented state in the surrealist aesthetics.

13. Surrealism in America.

14. The importance of the "image" (and Dali's "double image") for the surrealist movement.

15. The impossible worlds of Dali and Magritte.

16. Surrealist sexuality and concept of "love".

17. In your opinion, is it a mistake to link Dada and Surrealism under the same rubric. Are these two intellectual movements related? Use specific examples in your argumentation?