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History of La Unidad Latina Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity

Lamba Upsilon Lambda FraternityThe La Unidad Latina, Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated was established on February 19,1982 at Cornell University located in Ithaca, New York. The goal of the fraternity was to solve the issue of colleges and universities not meeting and addressing the needs of Latino students. Since it was founded the fraternity has been committed to empowering and promoting success for all Latino people. The fraternity strives to become leaders in addressing the needs of not only Latino students, but the Latino community as well.

In the summer of 1981, the idea for the La Unidad Latina, Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated originated. The idea started in a conversation by a group of Latino students that stated there was a need for a Latino fraternity at Cornell University. Fraternity choices were limited and Latinos who wished to join a fraternity only had a choice between a fraternities that were predominantly white or black. The conversation progressed to taking initial steps to creating a new fraternity. In fall semester 1981, the initial organizing of the new fraternity began. The process was slow because many people showed interest, but did not want to commit. There were only a few people that attended the first four meetings. The main group expanded after meeting number four. The fraternity started as a club called La Unidad Latina and on September 15, 1981 was registered with Cornell University. The goal was to eventually become a fraternity, but the group has to start as a club first.

After a lot of work was done to recruit members, La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity was created with 13 members out of 30 Latino males that were interested. The members of the fraternity are called Hermanos. In the beginning of spring semester in January of 1982, the fraternity registered as an official fraternity with Cornell University and the initiation ceremony was held on February 19, 1982. The Founding Fathers were established at the ceremony. The February 19, 1982 date is used as the founding day because the members took their oaths and were referred to as Hermanos.

La Unidad

The Founding Fathers of the fraternity are: Hermano William Barba, Hermano Hernando Londoño, Hermano Dennis DeJesus, Hermano Samuel Ramos, Hermano Jessie Luis, Hermano Jim Zibel, Hermano Tomas Rincon, Hermano Victor Silva, Hermano Edwin Rivera, Hermano Jose Torres, Hermano Mario Rivera, Hermano Henry Villareal, Hermano Victor Rodriguez. Hermano Angel Montañez is an honorary Hermano who passed away.


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