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Community Service

Community service is a key part of how we show our respect for our community and environment. We are always looking for opportunities to help out. Some of our past events have been cleaning up areas around our campus, as well as in our neighborhood and city. We also frequently volunteer to feed the homeless and needy, as well as helping out at local veterinary clinics. We will occasionally sponsor fund drives to raise money for various causes, such as projects to rebuild our community and missions trips.

We like to show our appreciation for our valued sponsors on this page. We cannot do this without sponsors. Please feel free to take advantage of any discounts sponsors may offer, and if you are in need of an services they may provide, check them out.

Thanks for sponsoring Habitat For Humanity projects with free mobile broadband for volunteers on the job site!

A special thank you goes out to for hooking hermanos up with student discounts on flights!


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