The Buddhist Community at Duke provides the opportunity to learn about Buddhist teachings and practice meditation. Our Monday evening meetings include quiet meditation, group study and discussion, and we regularly host local Buddhist teachers from across traditions to share their teachings with the group. Morning meditation on weekdays is also available. We are a culturally diverse group that welcomes the curious, beginners, experienced Buddhists, and those of other religions equally. We deeply value the role of friendship and community in supporting a thoughtful spiritual path of wisdom and compassion. Come by any time! Everyone is welcome!

BCD Chaplain

sumiRev. Sumi Loundon Kim is the Buddhist chaplain at Duke (not Dukkha!) University and teacher for the Buddhist Families of Durham (BFD). She has published two anthologies about young Buddhists: Blue Jean Buddha (2001) and The Buddha’s Apprentices (2005), among other articles and chapters. After receiving a master’s degree in Buddhist studies and Sanskrit from the Harvard Divinity School, she was the associate director for the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. Originally brought up in a Soto Zen community in the 70s, she has been following the Theravada lineage for the past 20 years. Sumi and her husband, a native of Korea and professor of Korean Buddhism and culture at Duke, have two young children and live on campus as part of the Faculty-in-Residence program.


BCD Board 2012-2013

Advisor Richard Jaffe, Ph.D. (rjaffe at
Chaplain Sumi Loundon Kim (slk26 at
President Jeremy Lipkowitz (jrl37 at
Vice-President David Barack (dlb28 at
Treasurer Moses Sandrof (
Webmaster Chetan Raj Rupakheti (crr22 at
Honorary Committee Members Shian-Ling Keng, Lauren West, Kim Le, Jeremy Chiu, Thomas Morse, James Ong, Mike Stanton, Peggy St. Jacques, Harold Chen, Chee Liang Hoe, Hong Leng Chuah, Rev. Wakoh Shannon Hickey, Katie Ehrenberg, Meghan Worley, Rebekah Fleming, Eunsung Kim, Viviane Callier.

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January 2011 Blessing Ceremony
January 2011 Blessing Ceremony
Top row from left: Ven. RuAn, Shiang-Ling Keng, Richard Jaffe, Lauren West, Christopher , Rebekah Fleming, Kim Le Bottom row from left: David Barack, Sumi Loudon Kim, Eunsung Kim, Kathryn Ehrenberg

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A Video from 2010*

*Filmed in an old location: we now meet in the Hindu & Buddhist Room in the Bryan Center.