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"International Development and Social Justice Conference"
brought to you by Mercado Global Duke Chapter
Saturday, April 21st, 2007 - 10.00am-5.00pm
Von Canon C, Bryan Center, Duke University

In an increasingly globalizing and well-connected world, a free trade system has been promoted as the key to successful development. However, the rhetoric that supports globalization as a cure for poverty oftentimes overlooks problems such as cultural subversion, human rights violations, poor access to healthcare, and world hunger.

Mercado Global Duke Chapter would like to invite you to attend our "International Development and Social Justice Conference" on Saturday, April 21st, 2007. The conference aims to introduce certain aspects of globalization that hinder growth and lower the quality of living in less-developed countries. Furthermore, the conference aims to serve as a showcase for what we, as individuals, groups, or institutions, can do to fix the various problems engendered by globalization.

Schedule of events:
10.00am Opening presentation by Mercado Global: Our Story

10.30am Counter Culture
Peter Giuliano will be leading a Cupping Session (read: coffee tasting!!) and conducting a presentation about the coffee trade.

11.30am Nourish International
Nourish International will conduct a short presentation about who they are and the issues they deal with. This will be followed by one of their famous Hunger Lunches, which is a free lunch consisting of all sorts of yummy rice, beans, sauce, cornbread, etc. (although the lunch is free, we recommend a $4 donation in order to help us balance the costs).

12.30am Fair Trade fashion show
We will be modeling products from Mercado Global, One World Market, and Zebra Crossings--scarves, handbags, jewelry, and more, from all over the world! The products modeled will also be available for sale afterwards!

1.00pm Millennium Village Project
MVP will show a short documentary about Jeffrey Sachs and his Millennium Project model. They will also introduce the work their student group has been working on, and open dialog about the issues involved.

1.30pm Zebra Crossings Zebra Crossings will conduct a presentation about the Fair Trade Certification Process and various challenges and difficulties within the trade.

2.30pm "Black Gold: Your Coffee Will Never Taste the Same Again"
"Black Gold" is a documentary about an Ethiopian man, Tadesse Meskela, who travels around the world seeking a better coffee price for the farmer he represents. The film is 77 minutes long. A short discussion led by Amnesty International and Kim Bullock (from Counter Culture).

4.00pm Meet-and-greet, Mercado Global sale Come meet all the presenters and various organizations represented at the conference. This is a great time to network, get involved, ask questions. Also, Mercado Global is having its last sale of the academic year--make sure you bring your cash/FLEX/checks and check out our products!

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