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Michael D. Ward

Michael D. Ward is Professor of Political Science at Duke University. He is an affiliate of the Duke Network Analysis Center. His primary interests are in international relations (spanning democratization, globalization, international commerce, military spending, as well as international conflict and cooperation), political geography, as well as mathematical and statistical methods.

This page distributes recent and ancient writings, graphics, and maps. You will notice many links are still in development. They call it R & D. D comes last.

Frequently consulted sites include:

Andrew Gelman's site and blog for information about teaching quantitative material
Ben Fry's magical vizualizations

Daniel Drezner's Web site and Blog for a now-tenured take on everything
Edward Tufte's site for examples on how to present information, expensively and elegantly
Franzese's useful site at Michigan
Great vizualization tools from Macrofocus
Imai's site at Princeton
Jackman's Stanford Site
King of Harvard, need I say more?
StellarCargography, anyone? Don't blog like my brother.

War Outcomes Project....nice web site design!

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