Michael D. Ward

Department of Political Science, Duke University

Ceci n'est pas une carte !

1960 Presidential Election 2004 Presidential Election These two Cartograms Illustrate the changing coalitions of U.S. Party Politics over the last five decades.
Child Poverty Child Poverty These two cartograms illustrate child poverty by state; Top ten poverty rates are flagged in green; states with most spending are colored brown.
violent crime death row Violent crime rates (left) and death row inmates per captia (right).
Senators per state representatives per state Left panel shows Senators per state; right shows representatives per state, essentially the same as population figures..
who pays? Which states contribute more in federal taxes than they receive in federal revenues? How does South Dakota compare to North Dakota? Why?
HSD spending GSP Comparing HSD expenditures by state (left) with State GDP figures (right).
filibuster Brown states are smallest states that could override filibuster; Blue states are the largest states that have equal power to override a filibuster. The size of states is proportional to 2004 population.  
media Where do news stories come from? Same place as bottled Salsa.  


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