Activities and Traditions



Like many groups, Mirecourt heads to Myrtle at the end of Spring semester. This long awaited event is arguably the best part of everyone’s year, as it offers us the chance to relax and enjoy the Myrtle atmosphere. This means time on the beach, naps, all day celebrations, and any other spontaneous fun that may occur. Memories that will last a nighttime!


A warm-weather phenomenon that has taken the terraced lawn behind Craven by storm. Involves copious amounts of laundry detergent, duct-taped trash bags, and occasional/frequent injuries. This is what Jesus would do on a Saturday afternoon if he went to Duke, except he'd turn all that water into Franzia.

Mentor Mentee

In order to make sure our rooks feel welcome, each Mirecretian has a mentor and most people get a mentee. This becomes your mirefamily, but unlike your real family, we don't really care if you hook up with your relatives. We go out to eat together, have family competitions, play games, and make unnecessary jokes about how we’re each others’ cousins and uncles and half-sisters and so on. Don’t worry – this is more awesome than creepy. And being slightly creepy makes it more awesome.


Mirecretians come from all over, even Sweden. And in Sweden, there are vikings. Not, like, real vikings, but people that call themselves vikings. And they throw wooden blocks at each other on the quad in epic battles of power and glory. Vikings is the kind of game that everyone can play and everyone can enjoy. It can happen any time of the day, and it frequently happens during the week at midnight because we're Mirecourt and we're awesome. But don't take our word, just come try it yourself! We promise not to invade your dorm or enslave your hallmates if you lose.


A luxurious weekend getaway primarily characterized by gourmet food and spacious accommodations. Actually, none of that plays a part in retreat. Still, it's one of the most memorable spring semester events for all, possibly because everyone's sober. An opportunity to really get to know the other Mirecretians away from Duke, in an incestuous-summer camp kind of way. Includes ambitious challenges involving apples-to-apples, fantasy volleyball, and Mafia. The birthplace of the Mirepuppy. Where you finally feel like you belong.


As everyone should, Mirecourt enjoys LDOC in the most aggressive way possible. We start occupying our bench around 8 am, and some can still be found standing there around midnight. We have barbeques and outdoor games, and it's one of the only times during the year that we make our legendary "Silly Juice". Only available to members and the daring few who can get beyond our less-than-ninja LDOC defenses.

Rookie Sleepover + Mom & Pop

One of the first things members do is attend a Rookie Sleepover, where you get to know the rest of Mirecourt, bond with your class, and partake in your first of many secret traditions. Oh, it's also where you learn all the history of Mirecourt and get adopted by two people that start calling themselves your "Mom" and "Pop", who are responsible for making sure your transition into Mirecourt is fun and easy. They make you mix tapes, scold you for staying in on weekdays, and will be there for you with love and support as you vom away your Marketplace dinner/dignity.


Mirecourt is famous for its yearly choir performances. Performances are unannounced, but often taking place around 1am. Sometimes they happen in section and sometimes not. We do, however, make a point to go Christmas Carolling in the Carpenter Reading room right before finals each and every year. Our reviews are mixed, ranging from "You guys are so funny!" to "I'm literally going to kill you if I fail Orgo tomorrow". All we know is that singing warms our hearts, and if we're being honest, you were probably going to fail Orgo anyway.

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