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Hey I'm Josh. As of now I am a biomedical engineer with maybe a psych minor and a certificate in PWILD. I hail from Texas(which sucks) but I love UT. Go Texans, Rockets, and Longhorns! I like long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and frolicking amidst fields of roses. Besides being awesome, my many talents include underwater deep sea fishing, pole dancing, and general tomfoolery. I ball, run, jump rope, and fly. I am fluent in dance parties and the Maury Show. Itunes library makeup: 90% rap, 7% reggaeton, 3% disney/jazz/other(we all know that the disney portion is most important). If you love The Simpsons, South Park, and 24, and despise American Idol, we will be besties for life.


Hey- I'm Charlie Haley. Though I have a genius-level intellect, a photographic memory, and a profound gift for mathematics, I've worked as a janitor at MIT and lived alone in a sparsely-furnished house in a rundown South Boston neighborhood. After I solved a graduate-level math problem left on a chalkboard in one of the MIT classrooms, a high-level professor took me under his wing and attempted to enter me into the corporate world. With the help of an inspiring therapist though, I soon understood that love and happiness are what truly matter in life, and drove off to California to find my sweetheart.


Hi, I’m Sam/Sammy/____, and I am currently Mirecourt’s token Uh-Oh Oreo. Raised on the streets of Baltimore, I enjoy partaking in numerous activities, including but not limited to spontaneously reciting Biggie, getting low to Lil’ John, shopping for gently used grillz at the Dolla’ General, and smoking crack. Just kidding about the crack. In general, I am so hood – I do wear my pants below my waist. In my spare time, I am a mechanical engineer, an aspiring novelist, and BZoub’s replacement. I also like inspirational YouTube videos about puppies.


My name is Felix and I'm infrequently identified as Fefe. I'm from Sweden and lived in Brazil for a few years before coming to Duke. All my reasons for choosing Duke were pretty silly and uninformed, but somehow I naturally ended up choosing the right school. My major is English and my minors are Russian Literature and Political Science. I don't speak Russian and, in terms of my English, imitations of my accent draw crowds. Nevertheless, when Odin birthed me, the un-Swedishly brown hair he donned me with he compensated for by making me the God of Hat Hair, endowing the hair with the power to charm women, men, and goats into indecency with me. The power can only be summoned by fierce whipping of said hair, and I know this — though I have not yet exercised the power — because it is the official creed of the Swedish Monarch. However, for the moment, for the record, it is essential to mention, importantly, that I defer all my regal responsibilities to King Varun. Live long and prosper, oh Great and Indian Georgian.


Hey, I'm Dan. I'm about 5 foot 8, weigh 135 pounds, have history of syphi…nevermind. I hail from the smallest state in the US, so I guess that's cool. I am majoring in biology because I am a premed bitch, and minoring in history because I think war is cool. My favorite quote is from Carl Sagan: "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." I love philosophical shit like that. When I'm not doing stuff premeds usually do (volunteering, research, studying, wrist-slitting, laughing when people fail, etc.), I enjoy playing tennis and piano. I also like Toy Story.


David is a 6'1 brooding Gemini, double majoring in History and French with a minor in International Comparative Studies. He grew up in not-so-southern South Florida and he only feels truly at home when people reminisce about their grandparents in Ft. Lauderdale. His hobbies include listening to stories about that time you visited not exactly where I live, but a city nowhere nearby, and driving under the speed limit.

At Duke, David works for Camp Kesem North Carolina, a non-profit summer camp for kids with a parent affected by cancer. He is also involved in the Duke Microfinance Leadership Initiative and despite several efforts to get off their mailing list, he is a member of the Duke International Relations Association. He does not know what that is.

After graduating, David wants to backpack up and down Africa wearing a Waldo suit. He hates math and loves Mirecourt.


Hey there, my name is Emma and I am from Weston, FL, although my family just recently moved to Summerfield, NC . My main interests include watching B-horror movies (I definitely recommend Mr. Jingles and Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys [Corey Feldman is just fantastic]), watching RENT, collecting awesome Christmas sweaters and playing with animals. I am majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Biology and Chemistry. I work in a lab in the Psychology and Neuroscience department and it takes up most of my time but I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone interested in research. I love being in Mirecourt and can't wait for rush!!!


Hey everyone! I’m Cassidy. I’m a Psych major and a squirrel chasing minor. After college I plan to either become a mime in Paris, start a snake handling church in West Virginia, or join a travelling carnival. My parents are part-time folk musicians and I spent my youth on the streets dancing for money. I have pictures to prove it. In my spare time, I like to draw, paint, and make jewelry out of cat toys. Come find me any time you want to discuss bad rap mashups or trash TV. Can’t wait to get to know you!


Hey I’m Steve, a Prattstar trying to learn some civility. I’m from the suburbs of Philly so I love the Phils, Eagles, Roots, cheesesteaks wit, and Wawa. I’m into some of the hipster stuff: guitar, ultimate frisbee, indie rock, but not Pitchfork or skinny jeans. Rice Krispie Treats Cereal is my rock; Mirecourt, my dragon. I’m always good for a laugh—especially when it’s pun-induced, so lay one on me and I’m sure we’ll hit it off. I also draw Homer Simpson.


Hi, I'm Claire. I'm a native from the land of wet weather, bad teeth, and Pippa Middleton's derrière. I'm a double major in Public Policy and History and enjoy complaining about US politics. In my free time I am involved in Duke College Mentors but I can also be found on the top level of Wednesday Night Shooters giving condescending looks to other people and finding myself watching arguments in Cosmic at 3am. Like any self-respecting English person, I enjoy crumpets, men in bowler hats, and criticizing French people.


The name’s Ellie, but I’ve been trained by merciless repetition to answer to Smellie, Jellie, New Delhie, Liza Minellie, et ceterellie. In addition to spitting rhymes as an aspiring starved poet, my practical/masochistic half is pursuing a Neuroscience major. A few of my casual interests include surrealism, Darren Aronofsky films, and saying the word postmodern. My obsessions with Lady Gaga and House are a bit more aggressive, and my passion for Sitar is just plain unhealthy. Twenty years from now, if all goes as planned, you can find me fresh out of school in a commune eating organic free-range granola, staving off sleep, and pretty much doing what I’m doing now.


Chinny (Chin-Knee) n. 1. a sarcastic supernerd with a peter pan complex and an insatiable appetite 2. math enthusiast/badass mc

The names Sharma, Chinny Sharma. I like Pina Coladas, long walks on beaches and getting caught in the rain. My favorite pastime is to wear flannel and thick spectacles (cause glasses are too main stream) and sip organic tea in a small caffe while reading Ayn Rand. I actively fight for animal rights—it's a crime to have so many critters disenfranchised and under-represented in government. My life's goal is one day build a center for ants called Center for Ants Who Can't Read Good And Want To Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. I live off the earth in a cabin I built in the forest. Just kidding! I'm a public policy major, minoring in econ and english. I speak fluent Harry Potter (my obsession is riddikulus) and have a Disney pandora station—I haven't matured past the age of 4. I rep New York all day, erry day.


Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villian by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengence; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.


Heyyy I’m Adrienne and where I’m from we’re about John Wayne, Johnny Cash, and John Deere. Yessir I’m from the country; I like riding, shooting skeet, mudding, and my dog Remington (yes, like the gun). Let’s get this straight now- I am NOT a redneck or Amish, and yes, my last name sounds an awful lot like need-to-ride-her. I’m a premed studying EvAnth/Anatomy & Paleoanthropology/Chemistry and help at Duke Med’s cadaver lab. When I grow up I want to be 1) a milf and 2) a forensic pathologist- I’m too busy doing orgo to explain, so Google it. Things I love include: tattoos, piercings, peacocks, fake nails, outdoor adventures, baking, and movies. I have a mild addiction to Netflix, nbd. If you hear a mix of country/hardcore/techno coming from the VO, that would be me. Come stop by, I don’t bite…as long as you come bearing gifts of dark chocolate and Snapple peach tea.


Sup ya’ll, I am Morgan but some people call me Sketch…long story. I humbly reside in Cameron where I have casually risen to stardom as a professional water girl for Duke Women’s Basketball. It’s a pretty big deal and thus I am a pretty big deal. When I have free time i’m probably out being sketchy or playin’ me some rugby; so it seems I belong to team Badass. BADASS. Some might say I have an unreasonable love for peanut butter crackers at approximately 11pm daily. It is what it is. Oh, and I have the coolest motha F*n accent. That is all.


Greetings. I'm Chris. I'm a Chem major, and I'm pre-med (like half the campus). I'm also an EMT, so you may see me dressed up like one as such occasionally. I straight blade shave and brew beer, so I think those give me manliness points. David and Amy said I had to write a biography for the website, and I think this pretty much does it. Right?


Born in the quiet town of Northampton Massachusetts, “where the coffee is strong and so are the women,” Christopher has begun to develop into a fine young man with strong aspirations. Hoping to one day be able to live a successful life below the taxable income as a traveling folk musician, Christopher chooses only the finest company that helps to develop his spiritual and intellectual life, that company being mirecourt. An avid handball player, whose international success is funding his education, Christopher is also known for his prowess on the dance floor. You may have seen some of Chris’s work under the stage name J.D. Sampson.





What up?!

The name's Christine. Dubbed Xtine by MC. I'm JahAfroAmerican, born and raised in the City Beautiful (Orlando) in the Sunshine State (Florida) I'm pre-med (figures), studying evolutionary anthropology and hopefully, a minor in psychology Chances are you'll always catch me doing one of three things or perhaps all three at once: smiling, laughing and dancing :] . Duke is absolutely amazing and Mirecourt is epic portions of greatness, real talk! Don't hesitate to come on by section and get to know us Mirecretians.


Hey everybody! I'm John. I hail from the slightly redneckish Colorado town of Grand Junction. I am a History major with a minor in Econ. I'm a huge Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies and Denver Nuggets fan and I've been playing the piano since I was four. I love to play basketball so anytime you want ball it up let me know. I also have a taste for 90's rap and classic rock. I live along with my roommate Jarrett in R Tower 206, don't be afraid to stop by. Oh and I like to party.


Hey I'm Erin! I'm from good ol' Indiana where there's little to do. Duke and Mirecourt have been quite the welcome change of pace. I'm probly a psych major but haven't made my decision and probably never will. I don't know much, but life has taught me to work hard, play hard, and enjoy every moment I have with the people I love in the place I call home. Someday I want to star on Broadway. I also want to be Tina Fey. Last but not least, I'm the most outgoing shy person you will every meet. The end.



Hey all! My name is Laura though you may hear people call me Muskrat so that works too. I'm from the Bronx b*tches! And don't you forget it. When I'm not running up and down the halls of the VO or blasting music in my room with Christine my main activities include: ultimate Frisbee, going on long walks, flashing innocent bystanders and trying to save the world by participating in various activist groups on campus. If it all goes to plan I will graduate with a major in Environmental Science and Policy and possibly a Spanish minor. I hate being bored and uncomfortable silences so come by and chat or just let loose in VOO5.


Oh hello! I'm Inka and I'm from H-town, Texas. I'm a BME major but I really just want to live in the jungle and pull botflies out of people (youtube it) :D. I absolutely love bad jokes and clever puns, so if you have any please share! At Duke, I'm officially involved in DUU Innovations and Engineering World Health. When I'm not slaving over problem sets in CIEMAS, I enjoy hiding pumpkins in people's beds, wearing costumes/themed outfits, and eating breakfast from Provisions at precisely 12:01 a.m. You may know me if: a creepy baby doll scared you at Marketplace, I was your TA, a clown came into your room at night, you saw that weird white girl with dreads, or if you're just typically friends with awesome people.


Hi my name is Lucy and I love food! Check out my food blog at fooddudefood.wordpress.com. Coming up next: "Orzo Pesto: A slippery slope"....I think MC is awesomeeeeeeee!!!! ^.^\/ Besides eating I also like singing in Rhythm and Blue!


OH HEY THERE - Melissa here. I'm a sophomore Mirecretian, who is too hipster (read cool) enough for one of those preestablished by the man majors, so I made my own. I also enjoy running through section bouncing off the walls until someone will pay attention to me. Attention whore you say? Nonsense! I get attention for free. I have a special place in my heart for community service (epic nerd), tie dye, nutella and bad movies, so some would say that I am a hippie in disguise. And by some would say, I mean I would say. I am also on the Ultimate team here (that's Frisbee for the naive ones among us) and DJ for the radio station - they call me DJ Amazon. You've heard of me? Not surprised. College radio DJs are pretty popular around this campus...


Hi, friends. I'm Ryan. I grew up in the most boring part of Ohio, so Duke is a big step up for me. I'm a Russian major (ask me about it, it's more legitimate than you'd think). I'm an advocate for human rights and freedom of expression and will almost always fight for anyone. In general, I strive to live my life in integrity. My loves include travel, stimulating discussion, food, and physical activity. I am both red-green colorblind and have no depth perception, so don't expect me to catch things or pick out the right crayon for you. I have plenty of other quirks, too. Engage me in one-on-one conversation to really get to know me, but be aware that I can't handle small talk (seriously).


Hello! I'm Nikki, Mirecourt's very own Asian hipster. You will often see me scurrying around with canvases twice the size of my body (which actually aren't that big, considering I'm 5'1) or doing some other obscure activity. I really like fashion, food, art, pillow pets, unicorns, unicorn pillow pets, and potentially public policy...we'll see. I'm from New Jersey (yeahhhh jersey!) and spend inordinate amounts of time in New York City. If you rush us because you think we have the best website, and you have a strange obsession with scarves, we're soul mates.


Chris Ellis (Hindi: लाला हरदयाल, Urdu: لالا ہردیال; October 14, 1884, Delhi, India - March 4, 1939, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was a Indian nationalist revolutionary[1] who founded the Ghadar Party in America. He was a polymath who turned down a career in the Indian Civil Service. His simple living and intellectual acumen inspired many expatriate Indians living in Canada and the USA to fight against British Imperialism during the First World War.


My name is Katya. I grew up on the streets of LA, dreaming big, hustle n flow. I like rap, hip hop, and soul. I only eat dark meat because that's how I feel on the inside.


It's been about a year and a half since I was asked to write this bio. Every time I've thought about writing it, sure I may have come up with a few ideas, a few mildly informative or entertaining artifacts about the life that is Jarrett Link--morsels such as I'm a child of the Golden State of NorCal, I was once a successful golfer in said Golden State, or that I was never supposed to walk (first doctor=>hater). Despite the ability to produce these and other facts about myself, I never found the gumption or willingness to commit any of it to physical text. Maybe it didn't seem important enough, or didn't embody enough humor. Maybe this says that I'm a perfectionist who realizes just how far from perfect I am when attempting to describe myself. I think I may just ponder certain things a little too much. Possibly akin to Peter Pan, just let me occasionally visit the greenest patch of Neverland while remedying osteoarthritis along the way. The aforementioned, an utter absence of sarcasm or hyperbole, travel of mind and body, invigorating friends, an ever changing music taste, and athletics, well that just about does it for me.


Hey! I'm Yvette, a sophomore majoring in neuroscience and minoring in chemistry. I'm a crazy premed on the Duke EMS squad, a born and bred New Yorker, and a Polish military scout. Just kidding about the last one, my certification expired a few years ago. I love green tea, recycling, exotic food and long walks in cities. I worked in a psychiatric unit over the summer so say hi when you see me, I'll tell you all about it!


-----------------NOTE: THE FOLLOWING SHOULD BE READ LIKE HERMIONE GRANGER.------------------------------

Hi, I'm Shikha. Or as most Mirecretians call me 'Shick-ha'. I'm a Junior majoring in Biology (DNA makes my heart skip a beat) and minoring in Music to keep myself sane. Some would say I am confused about my identity. You see I was born in India, grew up in Hong Kong, speak like "I lit'rally don't have a clue what I'm tawwking about", and somehow brought myself to Durham, North Carolina for college (or uni as they would say in my land). I actually think I go to Hogwarts, and tell the most impeccable stories. Come see for yo'self :)


I'm Dre. I am a pretty solid example of a nomad. I hail from Texas, Virginia, North Carolina (2x), Hawaii (2x), Germany (2x), and South Carolina; take your pick. I wasn't born, I was Government issued and am property of the United States Army. I wake up at 0500 every morning for Physical Training. I prefer to march to class rather than walk. Hooah! If I'm not in class, I'll be at the gym, if I'm not at the gym you can probably find me in section looking for my Oatmeal. I have two goldfish… and continuing the topic of shit that doesn't matter, I'm a Political Science and German double major. Die Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung. See! Watch out! Deutschland über alles!


Hey friends! I'm Winston, and I'm Mirecourt's resident sunflower! I'm from Texas and I'm currently abroad in New York trying to get a gig on Boradway! I'm soOoOoOoO excited to meet all the new fuzzy wuzzy wittle bitty baby Mirecretians in the Spring!!!!! Ummm some stuff about me: I like dancing and Economics and yoga and beaches. I also really like Ke$ha. Nicki Minaj is the Bohemian to my rhapsody. I don't eat anything from the ocean and I think we should all just share Strident gum more because that stuff is delicious!! I once saw a horse erection. Lemons and peppermint candy make Coca Cola SO much more yummy (TRY IT!!!). Bernadette Peters is like the GREATEST actress alive. Oh and you should totally friend me on FB because I love meeting new people!!!





Hi I'm Jenna. Here are all the things you should know about me: I am majoring in extracurricular activities with a minor in sleep and I'm pre-med, my favorite color is yellow, I am a Scorpio, , I wear a size 5 shoe, I don't like to play games that have losers, I hate lunchmeat and caramel, I talk in my sleep, I went Mac and I never went back, cats give me hives, but I was definitely a cat in a past life, I have literally the worst memory ever, I never sing in the shower, I am a PRO at text twist turbo, one time I was mistaken for Taylor Swift (wut?), I used to be a Chinese food delivery (wo)man, sometimes I just really need an order of cheesy bread, and apparently, I am particularly tasty ( just ask Christine ;] )


It's ya boi JZ! I'm a bio pre-pharm/pre-vet/pre-life major from Northeast Philly. Here are a few things about me: I'm a pescatore in love with the seas and their bounties of fishes, a triathlete that excels at foosball, and a crane machine master. I'm left-handed and can only write in cursive, I think Giselle is the hottest Disney princess, How I Met Your Mother is my vice and Hawaiian music the soundtrack to my soul. Got it memorized? If you're feeling adventurous, you can ask me about my exotic pussy. I might show you a picture of it. And it may or may not be my cat. Regardless, I liked it so I put a ring on it. Beyonce... I married Beyonce. This is getting out of hand. JZ out.


Bio: 713 all day. Luke 12:48. Sup buddy, I'm Ibe, MC's resident underground king. I'm a History and EOS major from Houston with that low-key Peter Parker flow. I'm at the parties where you're stuck outside and can't get in. I was made to be greater, made for the grind, made for the lights, made for the shine. #dukegang


My name's Meaghan and I'm from The Land of Sheep-Shagging a.k.a. The Great Methamphetamine Den of the Pacific a.k.a. New Zealand. I was born in China and my childhood can be characterized by late nights of drunken karaoke, coming to terms with my intellectual inadequacy, and watching my grandmother cry herself to sleep every year on the anniversary of Mao Ze Dong's death. My life ambitions are to marry into a green card and to squander my parents' hard-earned money on shitty Urban Outfitters clothes that were produced by 8 year-old kids in Bangkok. I enjoy Nickelback songs, British comedies, living vicariously through my Instagram profile, following the pregnancies of my high school classmates, and convincing myself that I'm white.


AYOOOO errybody, my name is Andrew and I'm a sophomore in Mirecourt. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, one might say I’ve taken a few swigs of the southern sweet tea. I’m planning on majoring in Psychology with a minor in Statistics and a certificate in Markets and Management. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll just wander the world and teach people how to be happy (Plug: you should totes take my house course in positive psychology! Learn how to be happy and shit). I may or may not have an obsession with Nicki Minaj, which manifests itself in impromptu performances of Super Bass and Roman’s Revenge when I feel my self-esteem can take a few hits. This obsession is selective though: don’t talk to me about Stupid Hoe. Ever. When I’m not rapping (note the double p’s), you can find me running around the campus like the underperforming track supastar I am. It’s a blast to come back from the sweltering heat drenched in sweat after a twelve mile run. Yummy. I also love to dance and I frequent the Shooters bartop and cage. Never the Bull, though: that shit’s scurry. You should definitely come by Mirecourt sometime and hmu. Peacccccceeeee.  

_~*lyke dis if u cry evrytime*~_


My name is Roxana as the bolded/italicized, yellow text above this says. It is not Roxanne, so get that shit straight, "The Police" fans. I wear ear plugs to study and enjoy the occasional 6:15 am spinning class at Wilson to make myself feel adequate. I'm a fake Heat fan like 90% of Miami natives (SEE: Hialeah) and will throw you off of the bar at Shooters because I dance that intensely (Tra's inner thigh can vouch for that). If I get enough cheap beer flowing through my system, I stop speaking English and estart espeaking chonga. Gimmie a fresh mango and I'm yours forever.


What’s Up Bros and Lady Bros? I’m Steve. Born and raised in the best state – New Jersey – and I have the accent to prove it. (Just ask me to say: hAlf a cup of CAWfee). I’m an Economics Major thinking about picking up a major in Biology as well. But more important, I’m Beyonce’s future husband, and I’m thinking about marrying Daenerys Targaryen as well. Also, I speak Chinese now, and my new hobby is jumping into Chinese conversations to watch people react. There is actually nothing particularly cool about me, other than my overwhelming White Boy Swag (my mom will testify), but come talk to me because I promise I can rock it, and when I win Big Brother someday, you can say you know a celebrity. Also, I love Seinfeld and shenanigans and Mirecourt.


Meet Angela. She headed down south to the land of the pines and thumbed her way into North Caroline from the city of Seattle, where no, there are no vampires and no, it doesn't rain all the time – she'll fight you on that one. She regularly pops tags on thrifted fleeces and uses slang that borders on inappropriately hipster. She's all about funny Youtube videos, Christmas music, deep sea creatures, babies, seeing resemblances between people that no one else does, Seattle Dick's drive-ups, Seattle homies, Seattle apples, Seattle hip-hop, the Seattle area code, and Seattle. She wishes at 11:11 (#1: a little bit taller, #2: to be a baller). When she's not being predictably pre-med, she's one of a rare breed that can stand sober raging at Shooter's because she's just tryna gig.


Hi. I'm Ken. I live in the great city of Kitchener, Ontario, home to the second largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world. I'm half Asian and majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and potentially Computer Science. So yes, I am a nerd. I play tenors on the Duke drumline, and I generally like anything that has to do with music. Unless your definition of music is anything they would play at Shooters.


Herrro I'm Courtney from the good ol' census-designated place and unincorporated area of Burtonsville, Maryland. I'm a sophomore majoring in Psychology and possibly picking up a double major in Statistics. I love Clay Aiken more than any not middle-aged-stay-at-home-mom should, but hopefully once I meet you I can convert you into a Claymate as well. On a less creepy sounding note, some random facts about me include that I am a vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables, have a slight obsession with piercings, am afraid of bubbles, and couldn't spell my middle name until I was in 3rd grade. I also enjoy locking my window so that Steve cannot come into my room. Oh and I love Mirecourt and am super excited to meet y'all!


Hey y'all my name's Tra and I'm a Vietnamese immigrant living in New Mexico (weird right?). I'm a graduate of Imani's beginning ass class, currently working on the intermediate level. I'm one of the biggest fan of the Shooter's bar, and I will honestly edge you off the bar if you can't dance. I love traveling, food, and trying new things, and my goal in life is to travel to every continent by the time I'm 30, and that's about it.


Howdy howdy, I'm Stefan, a 6'2'' right center on the Mirecourt Vikings team. After starting my career in Southern California, I trained with some of the finest Scandinavians in all the land, eventually earning myself a preferred walk on at Duke. If I am not practicing my gentlemans shot you are likely to find me either on E-Quad, singing with the Pitchforks, or doing outdoor related activities with PWILD. If you are surprised why you havent seen me around rush, its because I am currently spending a semester playing in a European league, but I will back soon, and hopefully with IFV cup.


WHUDDUP. My nickname is Imani but my birth name is E-Money. I'm majoring in public policy but everyone knows my expertise is teaching Ass Class. I'm also into slam poetry, children (stop, not like that), and cuddling. Like Taylor Swift, I'm happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. Unlike Taylor Swift, I refrain from standing outside the windows of my exes. Like Drake, I live for the nights that I can't remember and for the people that I won't forget. Unlike Drake, I won't go through a girl's phone if she goes to the bathroom and her purse is right there. That's just not my thing, you know? And I want more for my birthday than just a big booty hoe; however, like 2 Chainz, if I weren't rappin', I'd be trappin' - if I weren't trappin', I'd be pimpin' - if I weren't pimpin', I'd be getting it, period.


Hey y'all, I'm Anna from Atlanta, MC's resident southern lady. Favorite activities include sleeping, wopping, and tap-dancing. You'll also find me making awesome meals of beets and cheese in the mc common room. If you ever want to do anything outdoorsy I'm your gal, as the Farm's my backyard and Pisgah's my second home. Oh and that school stuff: EvAnth and EnvSci double major, vis arts minor, and pre med. Anyways, catch you cats on the flip flop, later!


My SSN is hidden somewhere in this sen490-392-2104tence.


Hi, I'm Adriana (nickname Adri, pronounced Aydree) and I'm a sophomore studying ICS, MMS and French. I was born in Germany and lived there for 7 years, but am now a proud resident of MIAMI, FL (305 fo lyfe). You can therefore talk to me in English (duh), German, Spanish (I'm half Puerto Rican), and/or French. Like a true Miamian (is that a word?), I hate the cold and loooooove the beach, making Myrtle my favorite Mirecourt tradition. I sing all the time (even when I don't know the words) and am a member of one of Duke's a cappella groups, Rhythm and Blue. I'm nocturnal so if you knock on my door during the day I'll probably be napping, but feel free to give it a try anyways. I look forward to making lots of great new MC memories with you all! PS: That super-duper-awesome hat in my pic was a B-day gift from my super-duper-awesome roommate, Courtney <3333 (Give it back Jarrett!!! >.<)


Good morrow!! Emily here. Aka Kuo-Kuo, Kuo Fsho or ekuo. Pick your poison. I'm the queen of Snapchat, the vixen of Instagram, and the duchess of Facebook. I once got 293 likes on a status. I have no pets because I'm the product of immigrant Taiwanese parents that hate all things furry and cute. Yes, that means they hate me. Cuz I'm cute, not furry. I'm from good ol' Socal where the sun shines brightly on the sun-tanned skins of superficial betches that pretty much all want to become fashion designers. Socal = beaches + In-n-out, and yes I am about that life. I love movies and TV shows and snuggling up to read fantastic book recommendations. I love procrastinating and embracing my mediocrity at Duke. Aww give me a hug, Mediocity, you great goober! So, I've basically told you 1% of who I am because you're a stranger, STRANGER DANGER. Find out more about me at Rush (; winks. Rush Mirecourt. Have a ball. See you there. Stay classy (jk we don't care). Stay golden, Ponyboy. I'm really bored so I'm rambling.

"Man, I really regret having lots of fun with Mirecourt for a whole month" – no one ever.



Hi friends! So my name is Maddison. Or Maddie. Or Larson. Whatever you'd like to call me, I'll still be fabulous. Don't be hatin. In addition to being fabulous I'm a bit quirky. Ask me about anything, I love life talks, especially those that involve freaking people out(aka mike our RA). I'm supposed to be studying mechanical engineering with a history minor, but I like my friends better. And reading books that have no relevance to anything I'm studying. And cooking. And swimming. When I'm not doing any of the above shenanigans, I'm up at 0530 running around yelling cadences or looking smexy in uniform. Get to know me, I don't bite! (I just eat brains)


This is Robinson. When I am not lighting things on fire or putting holes in the walls of Craven E, I usually tend to stride off purposefully into the distance. Probably to go watch Adventure Time. I find solace in the beautiful game of soccer, one of the few things that kept me sane in the booming metropolis of London, AR. My diet consists primarily of coffee, peanut butter, and milk. I feel that Duke as a whole needs to relax more, and plan on dosing the student body with tranquilizers. Despite my connections as a Mechanical Engineer, I still have not gained access to the Duke Water Supply. Catching and taming a Duke squirrel is also among my goals for the next few years.


Hey, hi, hello. I'm trinity. A sophomore studying art history, poetry, teaching, acting, or one of those or all of those, who knows. I've lived in 17 houses and I change where I'm from like twice a day. I like keeping life interesting, I like laughing, I like changing my hair color. I know that I was separated at birth with my twin, Ke$ha. Which is awkward because I taught her everything she knows- she just doesn't know it. I'm engaged to Ryan Gosling and have a fling with Don Draper on the side (sorry ladies, back off). I really really really love all my Mirecourt friends and have was unable to go to Myrtle last year so I'm counting the days until the end of the year!!! I live off of STEAZ ice tea and wear high heels even though I'm already too tall for my own good.


Heya! I'm Ava and I am from Buffalo, New York… unfortunately, not the greatest city ever. I'm Pre-Law hoping to someday be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court like my idol John Marshall. Until then I casually spend my time sleeping and watching an obscene amount of TV for someone who wants/needs good grades. I'm a huge sports fan, Duke (obvi) and the Patriots are the definition of perfection. Don't agree? Well too bad, haters gonna hate. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan, the kind that may or may not have written fan fiction to get over the trauma of the series being over...no shame. Other random facts: I have an unnatural fear of birds, hate chocolate, and my favorite animal is the dumbo octopus. Well, that's all I have to say about that. xoxo, gossip girl