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Offering classes in everything from film sound design to film animation, the Film/Video/Digital program gives students an opportunity to study the art of filmmaking as part of their curriculum at Duke. Whether you pursue a certificate in the field or simply take a class or two, the Film/Video/Digital department aims to invigorate the study of film and student filmmaking for students of all majors.
Official Supporter of the Movie Making Marathon
CDS serves as a resource for individuals and groups wishing to learn or develop documentary skills. CDS-sponsored courses taught at Duke University are open to area university students, and a new undergraduate certificate program allows Duke students to further concentrate their academic work in documentary studies. Graduates have an opportunity to take their knowledge abroad through the Lewis Hine Documentary Initiative, which connects young documentarians with the resources and needs of organizations serving children and their communities around the world.
Created by the Office of Information Technology, an Official Supporter of the Movie Making Marathon
The famous iMovie festival created by OIT & Student Affairs is sponsored by Apple Computers. Freshman dorms compete against one another to produce a short film that best captures their first year in college. Now in it’s fourth year, the festival has become a tradition and a rite of passage of the Duke University experience.
Official Partner of the Movie Making Marathon
Duke Union Community Television (Cable 13), Duke's student-run television station, informs educates, and entertains the entire Duke community through diverse and unique programming on a regular basis. Cable 13 offers hands-on television production experience, coverage of campus activities, artistic freedom, and a forum to develop and showcase innovative student productions and alternative perspectives on campus, state and global issues.
Official Partner of the Movie Making Marathon
If you’ve ever been to a movie at Duke, you should probably be very grateful to Freewater. Year after year, Freewater continues to bring diverse cinema choices to campus, from huge Hollywood-blockbusters to important independent films. Not only can you see a great movie for a decent price, there’s always the free water. A division of the Duke University Student Union.
Official Partner of the Movie Making Marathon
Freewater Productions is a committee of the Duke University Union dedicated to the production of short Super 8 and 16mm films. All styles and genres are encouraged. They operate as a cooperative, with members teaching each other filmmaking and forming the crews of each other’s productions. They offer a series of workshops on every part of the filmmaking process, from writing to shooting to editing. Members are eligible to apply for grants given out each semester to make short films. Freewater Productions is an entirely student-run group, not affiliated with any University academic department. No previous experience is necessary to join, and everyone—student and non-student—is welcome. Freewater films are shown to the public at the end of each academic year at our annual screening in Griffith Film Theater.

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MMM Teams listen on as Michael Faber from OIT leads them in an equipment training session.
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