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Summary of Information:

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Services: Statistics of Cattle, Hogs and Sheep.

Proceedings of the North Carolina Hogs Seminar: Economic Situation and Outlook for the North Carolina Swine Industry.

Hog Farming in Eastern North Carolina by Owen J. Furuseth Employment

Growth in North Carolina: Ethnic Displacement or Replacement? By Sheryl Skaggs, Donald Tomaskovic-Devey and Jeffrey Leiter

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Website Statistics Division:

Home of North Carolina State University's Extension Swine Husbandry: North Carolina Swine Numbers by County

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Covered Employment and Wages (CEW/ES-202) Zipped DBF Disk Version 1
North Carolina Pork Council

Oligopoly Watch --
An article on the consolidation occuring within the hog farming industry.

Smithfield Foods --
Company website of the leading pork producer in the United States.

United Food and Commercial Workers --
An article on hog farmers and their relationships with workers and the environment.

Pork Powerhouses Article --
A series of articles hog farming related articles.

Premium Standard Farms --
One of the leading hog farming companies in North Carolina.

Prestage Farms --
One of the leading hog farming companies in North Carolina

Cargill, Inc --
Company website of the 4th leading pork producer.

Tyson Foods --
Company website of the 2nd leading pork producer.

Swift & Company --
Company website of 3rd leading pork producer.

Hormel Foods --
Company website of 5th leading pork producer.

The Fayetteville Observer --
Major newspaper in the heart of North Carolina's hog farming region.

Democracy South --
Non-Profit Organization fighting for justice and democracy in the South.

Article on North Carolina Hog Farming by Chris Hunt and Kelly Zering

Environmental Defense


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