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Order a subscription to Duke's MSKLibrary

Cost for the annual subscription (twelve months from the time of order) is $1,200 (NONREFUNDABLE). Our discount for the first fifty subscribers is over as our goal has been met. We welcome your feedback during the year so we can make the library even better in our first year.

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions when ordering this subscription.


Individual MSK Library Subscription (Annual Subscription $1,200 - NONREFUNDABLE)-- To Order, Click Here!

Group Subscription Rates

1 subscription: $1,200 per person per year (as above)
2 to 5 subscriptions: $1,000 per person per year (savings of $200 per person)
6 or more subscriptions: $800 per person per year (savings of $400 per person)

Requirements for group subscriptions:
1. All registrants must be from the same institution/company
2. All registrations must be received at the same time; group registrations will only be processed if all forms are submitted at once - registrations cannot be added to a group once the registrations have been processed
3. Full payment will be collected from 1 of the registrants instead of from each registrant (credit card or check) . If you require people be charged individually, there is a $50 processing fee per person collected by Duke CME to cover additional staff time to manually process payments
4. Individual cancellations or transfers will not be allowed
5. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable

Group registration must use a mail in registration form. Download it here.