Sample Minuets

Haydn Mozart Beethoven 8, iii (adapted) Mozart Linz, iii (adapted)

Composition Assignment 1: Classical Minuet

Classical minuets are traditionally written in binary form. The first binary section is essentially 8 measures long and divided in half (4+4) by some kind of formal authentic cadence (i.e., a HC, IAC, or PAC). Sometimes a 4 measure phrase is further subdivided 2+2. Contrapuntal cadences (cc) convey a sense of key within these sub-phrases.

Using one of the minuets used in class as a model, compose a classical minuet in the style of Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven. Follow these guidelines:
  1. Stick to 1 harmony per measure--no more than 2 harmonies per measure.
  2. All formal cadences should contain at least 1 Pre-Dominant harmony.
  3. Give your theme a recognizable tonal contour and clear rhythmic profile.
  4. Accompany your melody with an uncomplicated but logical bass.
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