Assignment: Experimental One-Part Form


The sound file below is a chordal roadmap for a simple Prelude. Listen to and identify the individual components of this one-part form. You will certainly notice rather obvious uses of compositional techniques and procedures studied in class, escpecially:
  1. Four measure "framing" progression
  2. Simple Mixture
  3. Sequential passage with evaded cadential progression (EVC)
  4. Applied Dominants
  5. Dominant Pedal Point
  6. Momentary Retransition
  7. Cadential area (structural close)
  8. Coda and tonic pedal

Prelude Schematic

Write out the outer voices with figured bass, labeling each item in the list above. In class we will give this chordal creature life.

Prelude with Frame and Dominant Pedal

Prelude with Frame, Sequence + EVC, and Dominant Pedal