Assignment: Augmented Sixth Chords

Spelling Augmented Sixth Chords

Spell each augmented 6th chord in the key indicated and resolve it to the dominant. Mark the resolution of the augmented sixth with straight lines and use a slur to indicate common tones.

  1. In g minor: Italian 6th
  2. In c# minor: French 6th
  3. In B major: German 6th
  4. In E-flat major: French 6th
  5. In d minor: German 6th with raised scale degree 2

Typical Usage

Each bass progression below employs one Augmented sixth chord. Listen to each, notate soprano and bass, and supply the correct figured bass. Complete the inner-voices as you wish.
  1. c-minor
  2. e-minor
  3. b-flat minor
  4. f#-minor
  5. G major


Set the following outer-voice structure for string quartet (i.e., four staves using 2 treble, 1 alto and 1 bass clef). The solution I composed used passing and neighbor 64 chords rather frequently. Each augmented 6th chord should be easy to spot except for the one in the next to last measure. Here you should use an augmented 6th chord over the tonic pedal.