Melodies illustrating tonicization of III in minor keys(sample-3.htm)

Lab Review for Week 3 (MUS 114)

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Full Setting of Bach, "Herzliebster"

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Melody 4: Schumann, "Schusslied des Narren"

Directions and Help

  • Note the key in which each melody begins. How is this sense of tonic reinforced?

  • Mark in each melody where we begin to get a sense of a new key area. How does each composer clearly establish III as a temporary tonic?

  • Sing through each melody with solfège syllables. Where can you switch to a new do to elucidate the new key area (and, coincidentally, to make your job easier)? Where can you switch back to the original do (if at all)?

Concepts in Practice

Tonicizing III in minor

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