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Abelard and al-Ghazali:
A 12th Century Muslim - Christian Dialog

Part of Debating Civilizations, a series of lectures exploring the relationship
between Muslim and Western civilizations.
The lecture was recorded on February 5, 2002, in Room 240
of the Franklin Center, Duke University.
Introduction: prof. miriam cooke, AALL, Duke University
Abelard: Prof. Bruce Lawrence, Dept. of Religion, Duke University
Abu Hamid al-Ghazali: Prof. Ebrahim Moosa, Dept. of Religion, Duke University
Video Clips
Introduction - 4 min. 33 sec.
Part 1 - 8 min. 20 sec. Part 2 - 7 min. 6 sec.
Part 3 - 7 min. 4 sec. Part 4 - 12 min. 15 Sec.
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