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Board of Governors

In order to become part of the founding group of the Board of Governors we propose that Board members fulfill some minimal requirements. These requirements are not cast in stone, since the situation may vary depending on the part of the world the Member comes from. However, we should be able to insist on some basic requirements.

The Board of Governors is the most effective way in which various institutions as well as individuals can become stakeholders in the Muslim Networks Consortium. For many of us in order to get support from our own institutions, it is important to demonstrate that the people involved are stakeholders.
  1. Members of BG be committed to attend an annual meetingand conference/workshop.
  2. Acquire funding from their own universities in order to attend the annual meeting that will cover all expenses.
  3. Institutions contribute $500 annually to the Consortiumon on behalf of all their participants. In other words, irrespective of how many members an institution has participating in the Consortium, for now the contribution would be a single annual contribution of $500.

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Last updated: Feb. 18, 2002
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